I am a singer.
I am a songwriter.
I am a cultural hybrid.
I am a good listener.
I am a visionary.
I am a friend.
I am kind.
I am love.
I am here to connect with you.
I am here to inspire you.
I am YOU.
You are ME.

I was born into a Uruguayan family from Montevideo. I grew up in Florida listening to tango, musica folklorica, Motown, the Beatles, and pop radio. For as long as I can remember, I was in love with soulful music, powerful voices, nylon guitar and pop melodies. Songwriting was always fun and the perfect creative challenge for a naturally artistic, shy kid like myself. After many years honing my skills in the Orlando music scene, I moved to San Diego, California in 2014 to further my career.

I am Gaby Aparicio.
 ...a Playful, Loving, Courageous and Powerful Goddess.

My mission is to inspire children and adults alike to be
the best version of themselves by being a source of
Love, Joy, Compassion, Peace & Truth.